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All acceleration (TCP and edge-cache) settings enabled but still Reduction is 0%

Article Number: 000001303
Published: October 2, 2015
Users have configured all settings for accelerating traffic
TCP Acceleration
1. Community is online. Both Exindas can see each other in the community
2. Wan Memory peers are online
3. The management interface of each Exinda can ping the other one
4. Acceleration is enabled in the policy in the outbound direction

1. Edge-cache is enabled in the policy in the outbound direction
2. All edge-cache proxy-peers are added to the config (under System- optimization- edge-cache)

Still acceleration is not initiating - no yellow striping (tcp acceleration) or blue striping (edge-cache)

1. It is a possibility that the cables on the Exinda are swapped. Users should make sure that the LAN (internal) side connects to the LAN port on the Exinda and WAN (external) side connects to the WAN side of the Exinda.
If cables are not connected properly, acceleration will not take place. 

2. For TCP acceleration - the firewall or router or any intermediate device might be stripping off options from the packets. 
Investigate the intermediate devices to see if any tcp options (30,230) are being stripped off. Exinda applies these options to the packets to mark them for acceleration

3. Maybe traffic is not being routed properly between the exindas. One exinda sees the traffic, other doesn't. 

4:  This behaviour can also happen if one of the peers was replaced (new device) or re-imaged. Then the new peer will have no data stored in the WAN memory partition on the disk and that case this issue.
     The rule of thumb is when any device is replaced or re-imaged.  The WAN memory needs to be cleared on the peers of the replaced device with whom the replaced device does acceleration.
     The steps to do that are in this kb article:Wan Memory Persistent Cache Clear