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Acceleration Throughput

Article Number: 000002462
Published: January 17, 2018
Acceleration bandwidth is mentioned in the license, for example, in license Exinda 3862 (30/20Mbps - HP), max acceleration bandwidth is 20Mbps, it defines throughput limit and simply drops any connections/flows if that limit is exceeded. That is hardcoded - Exinda simply does not pass traffic above limits if a bridge is active and an optimizer is ON. The same as if you try to set total throughput (on Circuit level) that exceed license limit - ExOS just block that.

However, that restrictions affect accelerated connections/policies only. E.g. if customer has license limit 20Mbps for acceleration, but total traffic ~ 100Mbps, the only 20Mbps will be accelerated while other 80Mbps will pass with no acceleration at all.

It only provides bandwidth guarantee and limit for acceleration