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Article Number: 000002226
Published: December 19, 2017
Categories: Software
To find the release notes for the following versions, please follow the links below:

Current Version: ExOS v7.4.5ExOS v6.4.7

Exinda AD Agent: v1.1.1


Previous Versions:​

Virtual appliances:

Refer to the virtual appliance documentation specific to the hypervisor being used for instructions on installing and upgrading the virtual appliance images. 

The following versions are 7.4.1. Please update to the latest version after downloading the initial image. This can be done by clicking on the version string in the WUI header to go to the proper screen.

VMWare ESXi (64-bit): 

OVA File

Image Size: (4.01 GB)

XenServer (64-bit):

XVA File

Image Size: (3.20 GB)

Hyper-V (2012)

ZIP File

Image Size: (3.21 GB)

Hyper-V (2008)

ZIP File

Image Size: (3.34 GB)