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ExOS 7.4.4 Release Notes

Article Number: 000001891
Published: October 28, 2016
Categories: 7.4.x

ExOS 7.4.4 Release Notes

Release Date: October 4th, 2016

Software Update:

Download the software update – v7.4.4 ExOS
  • Size: 674,475,163 bytes
  • MD5 Hash: 992d3ee0579a6fad5b03ff6e963ced81


Supported upgrade versions:

  • 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.1u1, 7.0.2, 7.0.2u1, 7.0.3, 7.0.3u1 and 7.4.1, 7.4.2, 7.4.3
  • 6.4.6, 6.4.7

Supported Platforms:

  • Must have a minimum 8Gb of RAM
  • 3062, 4061r2 (with 8 Gb upgrade), 4061r3, 4062, 6060, 6062, 8060, 8062, 8063, 10060, 10062, 10063, 12063, all Virtual Appliances
  • NOTE: 2061, 4010 and 4061 (r1 and r2 with 2 and 4Gb configurations) are not supported with ExOS 7.x.x due to lack of adequate RAM. For conditions under which these devices can be upgraded to v7.x.x please refer to KB Article number 1896


Upgrade Path:

  • Upgrading from a previous version of 7.x, is a direct update to 7.4.4
  • Upgrading from a version prior to 6.4.3:
    • Upgrade from appliance version to 6.4.3, and reboot.
    • Upgrade from 6.4.3 to 6.4.6 or 6.4.7, and reboot.
    • Upgrade from 6.4.6/6.4.7 to 7.4.4, and reboot.
  • Upgrading from a 6.x version after 6.4.3:
    • Upgrade from appliance version to 6.4.6 or 6.4.7, and reboot.
    • Upgrade from 6.4.6 / 6.4.7 to 7.4.4, and reboot.
  • The upgrade from 6.4.3 may take longer than normal due to the database upgrade that takes place.
  • v7.x will only accelerate with peers running 6.4.3 and later due to a change to the Exinda internal protocols. If you are installing v7.x into an x800 estate, the best approach is to upgrade your core box to 6.4.3 and then install v7 on one or more branch offices.
    • This allows all the existing appliances to accelerate to the core appliance and allows the v7 appliance(s) to accelerate to the core box running 6.4.3

Product Updates

New Software Features

The EdgeCache application (squid) has been upgrade to the latest version to address a number of field related issues. For a list of issues addressed, please consult the Bug Fixes: Addressed Issues section below:

New L7 Signatures
OpenFlowSlackGood for Enterprise Business
Amazon Prime VideoPokemon GoOutlookMobile
UpptalkNiantic LabsNew Relic
Viber videoOCSPHuddle
OPC UAModbusZenDesk
AnghamiDeNASurvey Monkey
Path of ExileIngtagram application attributesFasttrack
EA Games  

Improved L7 Signatures

SpotifyGood (on Android)Citrix
iTunesUSkype file-transfer YouPorn
WhatsappSecond LifeAndroid OS update
WinMXIMO MessengerGoogle for HTTP
TeamviewerCtiTVQUIC to support protocol version Q030
SupercellTVU PlayerSugarSync
Boom BeachClubPenguinVippie
Hay DayClassificationDCE_RPC
Clash of ClansHike MessengerTelnet
Sina WeiboTelegram browserXMPP
OovooViber audiofastpath usage for MSN, UltraSurf and TOR on SSL traffic

Deprecated L7 Signatures

Yuiop (use Upptalk instead)
Lovefilm (use Amazon Prime Video instead)
Protocol media attribute (use PACE2_HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE instead)
Usenet (use nntp instead)


Bug Fixes

Addressed Issues
The following issues have been addressed as part of work completed in this release:
  • D-06250 - Systemize fix for CVE-2003-1418 - Apache Server vulnerability
  • D-05502 - Prepopulation doesn't work in 7.4.1
  • D-06026 - FTP acceleration not working when cluster enabled in 7.4.1. For workaround refer to Knowledge Base Article: 1667
  • D-06291 - Prepopulation SMB fails when servername is used and depth of path greater than one gives error "Failure, Invalid argument"
  • D-06211 - No reduction or acceleration when client side Cluster Slave controls the SMB connection
  • B-07024 - SMB - extracting archive over accelerated connection is slow
  • D-04189 – Slow File Transfers with SMB Acceleration Turned On. For workaround refer to Knowledge Base Article: 1667
  • D-06064 - SMB - Windows 10 Sometimes Can't Connect to Windows Server 2008R2 /2012 due to SMBv3 related settings
  • B-05743 - Let SMBv3 traffic pass natively - do not downgrade to SMBv1 or SMBv2
  • D-05750 - Clustering performance degradation after upgrading from v6.4.3u12 to v7.4.0
  • D-05105 - Cluster - showing only local traffic on realtime
  • D-06162 - Exinda crashes when IPv6 traffic passes through
  • D-06167 - Debugging Left On and affecting internal logging
  • D-06157 - Repeated diagnosticsd warnings after upgrade to 7.4.3 (workaround fix)
  • D-05969 - Sending command ‘image install’ from SDP not working
  • D-03355 - Setting custom range end time on web UI monitoring graphs is off by 1 hour
  • D-04779 - Skype is not classified correctly
  • D-04781 - small portion of Netflix traffic is being misclassified as HTTPS
  • D-04780 - Facebook Video and Voice classified as RTP
  • D-06168 - ea-games not correctly classified
  • D-05072 - EA Sports Multiplayer Traffic Classification
  • D-06285 - Game Path of Exile is Classified as Warcraft 3
  • D-05065 - Betternet VPN Doesn't have Application
  • D-06131 - Can't add applications that use arbitrary strings as subtypes from CLI
  • D-06169 - WebUI on Exinda slow during initial configuration without internet access
  • D-06363 - Edge Cache Crashing with "Swapfile Header Inconsistent" (requires additional steps, please see KB article for information)

Known Issues

Note: We have identified an issue with clustering on 10062, 10063 and 12063 models with 7.4.4. Exinda Engineers are currently working on a fix for this. If running clustering on these devices, please avoid upgrading to 7.4.4 until the fix is released, and contact Exinda TAC for troubleshooting. Please see the article referring to D-06338 for more information.

The following is a list of known issues reported by customers that may still affect this release:
  • D-05029 – Unexpected shutdowns (due to squid)
  • D-03974 – Squid process crashing
  • D-06143 – Reduced permissions for TACACS Administrator accounts on web UI
  • D-06210 – Dynamic Virtual Circuits not limiting per-user bandwidth
  • D-06053 – RTP G711/722 Classification Fails
  • D-05870 – Report Legend on ‘Control Discard Graph’ Incorrect
  • D-05990 – Appliance will crash if blank application group is used in a VC
  • D-06270 – Firefox generation “SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE” when using HTTPS Edge Cache
For a complete list of all known issues, please check Knowledge Base Article: 1884.