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ExOS 7.0.3 (3497) Release Notes

Article Number: 000001739
Published: August 3, 2016
ExOS 7.0.3 Release Notes 
(Release Date: March 30th, 2015)

Supported upgrade versions: 

•7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2,
•6.4.3, 6.4.4, 6.4.5, 6.4.6, 6.4.7

Upgrade Path: 

•The supported upgrade path from 6.x is to upgrade to 6.4.3 or later first. Then upgrade to 7.0.0.
•The upgrade from 6.4.3 may take longer than normal due to the database upgrade that takes place.
•v7.0.x will only accelerate with peers running 6.4.3 and later due to a change to the Exinda internal protocol
  • If you are installing v7.0.x into an x800 estate, the best approach is to upgrade your core box to 6.4.3 and then install v7 on one or more branch offices.
  • This allows all the existing appliances to accelerate to the core appliance and allows the v7 appliance(s) to accelerate to the core box running 6.4.3
•New images for the Virtual appliances are not available. To install a new virtual appliance running 7.0.3, please first install 6.4.3 and upgrade to 7.0.3.


•2061, 3062, 4010, 4061, 4062, 6060, 6062, 8060, 8062, 10060, 10062, Virtual

Link to download the software image: 

• Download link: 
• MD5: d90b6019e650037c5340ef27602cf0c5
• File size: 644,122,058 bytes

• 7.0.3 supports a new image format (with V2 in file name). This format is smaller than the previous format (v1). Only appliances currently running 7.0.1 and later are able to use the v2 format for upgrades. All appliances running 7.0.0 and earlier must use the v1 image format. 

Note: if the installation of a v2 image appears to fail, please check the logs. It might be that your system only supports v1 images. This will be evident by the presence of the following log messages in the system log:

[writeimage.ERR]: *** Target root partition size is < 1.5G, only v1 images are supported
mgmtd[2163]: [mgmtd.WARNING]: Exit with code 2 from
mgmtd[2163]: [mgmtd.WARNING]: Image installation failure: *** Target root partition size is < 1.5G, only v1 images are supported#012

If this happens, please reboot your system once and try again. If it still persists, then please use the v1 image.

Major New Features: 


Introduced time series views for Host based data. This includes internal and external hosts. The Monitor -> Hosts page has been converted to the new style of UI to show time series, in addition to the volume based data of previous releases. 

The control of what Host data to be collected can be found on the Configuration -> System -> Setup -> Monitoring tab. On this tab you can enable and disable collection of Internal Host data. This is data about how each host on your internal network is consuming network resources. You can also enable collection about which external hosts are being used. This control is not a simple on/off control because of the volume of data that it can create. Instead the controls on the page allow you to control which external hosts are monitored by selecting which network objects to monitor. This allows an enterprise with multiple sites to monitor all their corporate systems while excluding monitoring of all the servers on the Internet. 

By default Internal Host Monitoring is Enabled and External Host Monitoring is Disabled. 

[B-04159] Added an option to clear collected host data if required by user. 

[B-04306] Added CLI commands to configure the values of compression algorithm, compression threshold and zip compression level on a cluster link. 

[B-04435] Added CLI command to view bridge multi-queue setting

[B-04574] Added WUI for iperf tool. Customers can now use this tool on the Configuration - Tools - Iperf Client and Iperf Server tab. 

[B-04647] Updated Intel e1000e NIC driver to the latest. The latest driver disabled ASPM (Active State Power Management), which could cause link detection issues. ASPM is also disabled in the ExOS.

[B-04650] Updated CLI command to view multi-per-VC logic

[B-04659] Added Search for single host by IP: On the Monitor - Hosts page, added a search box. Fill in the IP in the box and press enter, the page will show traffic information of this specific host. Please note that currently Search doesn't support abbreviated IPv6 address, use full IPv6 address in Search instead. 

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements: 

Application Protocols and L7 Signatures Updates: 

Updated Layer 7 signatures: [B-04485], [B-04830], [B-04924], [B-04945]

New protocols: NTLM, Wowza, Telegram, Runtastic, Twitch, VyprVPN, TACACS, Threema, Destiny, Tibia, Fuze Meeting, Kakao,  Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 

New applications: SoundCloud, Rdio, Amazon Prime Music, RunKeeper, myBook, Nike+, MagV, MagV Kids, Dota Legend, iHeart Radio, Redmine, Avira Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, YikYak, CloudMe

Improved detections: 

•Kik Messenger

[D-01512] Fixed an issue of reporting time range flexibility

[D-03893] Fixed an issue of false negative classification for XBOX One online

[D-03574] Fixed an issue of false negative classification for BitTorrent

[D-03558] Fixed an issue where iperf command doesn't run as scheduled

[D-03686] Fixed an issue of false positive classification for Netflix

[D-03763] Fixed an issue where SNMP can't be turned off through WebUI

[D-04090] Fixed an issue of false positive classification for BitTorrent

Miscellaneous Defects Fixes: 
[D-02222] Fixed an issue of anonymous proxy: If the url listed on the Objects -> Applications -> Anonymous Proxy tab is, then the Anonymous proxy feature will not work. The correct URL is If your Exinda appliance has the wrong URL set, you can issue the following CLI command to set it to the correct URL: anonymous-proxy url 

[D-02490] Fixed an issue PDF generation error which occurs when pressing generating PDF button before the screen display is completed. 

[D-03173] Fixed a memory leak issue when the cluster link gets congested and information can not be shared between cluster members in a timely manner.

[D-03178] Fixed an issue where the system would restart unexpectedly when in a cluster doing acceleration.

[D-03180] Fixed an issue that impacts system performance when multiple users are using Edge Cache simultaneously. 

[D-03293] Fixed an issue that prevents email with attachments from being sent. Now Emails will attachments can be sent without errors.

[D-03298] Fixed an issue that prevented SMB pre-population from working. With 6.4.5 and 7.0.1 the SMB pre-population jobs were failing

[D-03345] Fixed an issue where the PDF reports would not include graphs if the Network Object that defined the subnet contains a / = , or &.

[D-03416] Fixed an issue that using Web UI to log into the appliance will not work if the configuration was changed to use a different port other than 443. 

[D-03512] Fixed an issue where PDF reports weren't being generated when Network objects, Policies and Virtual circuits had special characters. Now PDF reports generate correctly when all valid characters for those objects are used.

[D-03699] Fixed an issue in Multi-Per-VC over-subscription checking. It now checks that the sum of the maximum/bust bandwidth of all the VCs in a circuit does not exceed the circuit bandwidth. Previously it was checking the sum of guaranteed bandwidth. 
[D-03730] Fixed an issue where in Multi-queue per VC mode the maximum bandwidth limitation can't be enforced. 

[D-03789] Fixed an stability issue of Edge Cache when pre-populating an entire HTTP website. 

[D-03811] Added a "Load" button to the Configuration -> Maintenance -> Manage Config tab. Pressing the button will retrieve the Running Configuration. 

[D-03873] Introduced a new display state in Real Time Conversations. If an accelerated flow travels through a "Network Orchestrator-in-the-middle", that flow will be displayed in a new style. That style will be a diagonal striped yellow background for the flow. This allows you to more easily see that a flow is being accelerated, but it is not being touched by the appliance you are looking at. Instead, the flow is being accelerated by other Network Orchestrator appliances, one closer to the client and one closer to the server. 

[D-03880] Fixed an issue where new scheduled report can't be created. 

[D-03942] Fixed an issue where virtual interface for shaping only could not ignore monitoring traffic

[D-03973] Fixed an issue where Application Performance Score's Network Delay metric is not accurately reported

[D-04093] Fixed an issue that changing the time zone of an appliance will lead to wrong log time. 

[D-04177] Fixed an issue where Optimizer will give false restart notification when AD Connector is used. 

Known Issues: 

[D-04111] Edge Cache does not work for YouTube in Chrome browser.
Work Around: Add “--use-spdy=off --use-system-ssl” to Chrome shortcut. For example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --use-spdy=off --use-system-ssl” For group policy of changing Chrome shortcut, please refer to