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ExOS 7.4.5 Release Notes

Article Number: 000002452
Published: December 19, 2017
Categories: 7.4.x

ExOS 7.4.5 Release Notes

Release Date: December 18, 2017

Software Update:


Download the software update – v7.4.5 ExOS

  • Size: 680,971,463 bytes

  • MD5 Hash: f245b07b06c7b06d4704ad2b8415bef3

Supported upgrade versions:

  • 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.1u1, 7.0.2, 7.0.2u1, 7.0.3, 7.0.3u1 and 7.4.1, 7.4.2, 7.4.3, 7.4.4, 7.4.4u1, 7.4.4u2

  • 6.4.6, 6.4.7

Supported Platforms:

  • 2061, 3062, 4010, 4061,4062, 6060, 6062, 8060, 8062, 8063, 10060, 10062, 10063, 12063, all Virtual Appliances

  • NOTE: Some older systems with 4GB of RAM (specifically the 2061, 4010, 4061r1 and 4061r2) may experience memory-related issues upon upgrade. If this issue occurs in your system, please contact TAC about a potential memory upgrade for your unit.

Upgrade Path:

  • Upgrading from a previous version of 7.x, is a direct update to 7.4.5

  • Upgrading from a version prior to 6.4.3:

    • Upgrade from appliance version to 6.4.3, and reboot.

    • Upgrade from 6.4.3 to 6.4.6 or 6.4.7, and reboot.

    • Upgrade from 6.4.6/6.4.7 to 7.4.5, and reboot.

  • Upgrading from a 6.x version after 6.4.3:

    • Upgrade from appliance version to 6.4.6 or 6.4.7, and reboot.

    • Upgrade from 6.4.6 / 6.4.7 to 7.4.5, and reboot.

  • The upgrade from 6.4.3 may take longer than normal due to the database upgrade that takes place.

  • v7.x will only accelerate with peers running 6.4.3 and later due to a change to the Exinda internal protocols. If you are installing v7.x into an x800 estate, the best approach is to upgrade your core box to 6.4.3 and then install v7 on one or more branch offices.

    • This allows all the existing appliances to accelerate to the core appliance and allows the v7 appliance(s) to accelerate to the core box running 6.4.3

Product Updates


New Software Features

This new version of Exinda Network Orchestrator includes an update to the classification engine for recognizing network traffic. Exinda Network Orchestrator 7.4.5 identifies and classifies newer, widely used applications such as Amazon Prime Music and other popular applications. Quality and stability of the product has also been improved with numerous fixes and improvements.

See the Changelog below for a complete list of updates.

Change log:



  • Use DNS host as Destination in SLA objects

  • Network traffic categorization engine upgraded:

    • Amazon Prime Music now classified

    • iTunesU now correctly classified

    • Facebook video, audio, chat and games in separate sub-classifications

Key fixes:

  • Squid stability improvement - can now change from multi-threaded version of squid to single-threaded version

  • SMB database initialization issue fixed

  • JBoss memory optimization improved

  • Device will no longer Crash and Reboot if Blank Application Group is used in VC

  • MIB standard compliance

  • Sort processes by memory instead of by CPU

  • EMC: Fixed ability to move appliance to groups for version 7.4.4 and above

  • Re-aligned the warning message regarding internal host to the left

  • Monitor service levels network response (SLA) tab now display’s FQDN

  • Exinda now recognizes Psiphon and has been added to supported applications and L7 protocols