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Bandwidth in a Dynamic VC not Being Enforced in Multi Per VC Queueing Mode

Article Number: 000001684
Published: July 19, 2016
Categories: Software
When using multi-per-VC queueing mode, it is possible to see that the bandwidthslimitation per user in a Dynamic Virtual Circuit is not applied
The Exinda has multiple queueing modes, each with different advantages. Multi-per-VC queueing mode gives each virtual circuit its own queue, which ensures that each virtual circuit gets the resources to deal with its own traffic. This queueing mode is also applied to Dynamic Virtual Circuits (DVC) - virtual circuits that allocate bandwidth to traffic falling into it based on the total number of users that are using the DVC. 

On ExOS version 7.4.2 (and older), it is possible to see that DVC per user bandwidth limits are not applied, or not followed, when the DVC is in multi-per-VC queueing mode.
This situation was caused by a defect which was solved in ExOS v7.4.3.
Upgrade the firmware to ExOS 7.4.3 in order to resolve this bug.