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Certain Values not Populated while Editing Existing Application Signature

Article Number: 000001700
Published: July 22, 2016
Categories: Software
In the 7.4.3 beta, when editing an existing application, the common names and host names of application signatures do not populate automatically.
Editing applications on the web UI through Configuration > System > Objects, "Applications" brings up the already populated information of what is there, and gives the opportunity to add more. 

In the 7.4.3 beta, when editing an application through the web UI, the common names for SSL L7 definitions and host names for HTTP L7 definitions are not populated, among other types of values showing blank information, such as the following:

User-added image
A fix for a previous bug regarding wildcards caused the default populated values for those boxes to be overwritten with blank values. 
These bugs (Defect D-05907 and D-05901) was resolved in the official GA release of 7.4.3 firmware. Remanufacturing to use the 7.4.3 stable version after being on the beta code will resolve this issue.