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Importing Configuration with Custom Applications Fails on 7.4.3

Article Number: 000001686
Published: October 4, 2016
Unable to import existing configuration to 7.4.3
When attempting to import an configuration file to 7.4.3 through the webUI, the following error will be received.

Error: Command execution results: On or more commands failed.

A list of failed commands that are applications will be presented, but will not show the error. When attempting to enter those same commands at the CLI, the following error will show:

% Unknown L7 Signature: http/host
This is a software bug which is currently being investigated by engineering.
There are two options for getting the applications that fail with the "Unknown L7 Signature" error into the appliance on 7.4.3.

1. Recreate the applications manually in Configuration > Objects > Applications. Even though when importing via CLI, it will state that it is an unknown signature, creating them directly through the web UI (without invoking the CLI back end) will succeed.

2. Save all changes and then switch the boot partition to the secondary one, if it is on a version of v7.x firmware that is before 7.4.3.
  • Reboot into this partition and import the configuration as before. This will succeed.
  • Save the changes
  • Change the boot partition to be 7.4.3 again
  • Reboot.
The changes made in the other partition will still propagate to the 7.4.3 firmware, and the applications will be created and already in the system.
This is resolved in Exinda firmware 7.4.4. Please upgrade to this firmware to implement the permanent resolution.