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Edge Cache traffic not following bandwidth specifications

Article Number: 000001489
Published: January 28, 2016
In ExOS version 7.4, traffic which falls into an Edge Cache policy but is not already cached will now follow the bandwidth settings for the policy. In previous releases, Edge Cache policies would ignore their bandwidth specifications (guaranteed and burst) entirely.

However, there is a limitation with the shaping of non-cached Edge Cache traffic in 7.4. The bandwidth settings of the Edge Cache policy which contains the Web or HTTP application will be applied to any traffic which is on TCP port 80. For example: Software Updates policy is set to 1Kbps guaranteed bandwidth, and the Web policy is set to 50Kbps guaranteed bandwidth. Since Windows Updates are downloaded over port 80, the download will be allowed 50Kbps of download speed instead of the 1Kbps which would be expected since it is included in the Software Updates policy.
This is caused by a known software defect.
There is currently no workaround for this limitation. The traffic will always use the Web policy's bandwidth, so the options are either to adjust the bandwidth settings for the Web policy, or to turn off Edge Cache to avoid this issue.
This issue has been fixed in version 7.4.3.  The release notes are in article No:000001670