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Edge cache related unexpected shutdown: find_listener_socket

Article Number: 000001579
Published: April 28, 2017
Categories: Software
The Exinda will encounter an error that can cause the device to crash and reboot.
When looking at Exinda appliances that have edge cache enabled, the following message (or something similar) can be seen in the logs just before the device ends up rebooting:

[798377.721975] [<ffffffffa01f5dd9>] find_listener_socket+0x1a9/0x4b0 [ex_tproxy]
The issue happens when squid enters interrupt context at find_listener_socket in en_tproxy_core. An exception happens, which causes the CPU core to hang. This will a kernel panic - that is, the device will record pertinent information from the kernel and then restart to clear out the error.

Engineers are currently looking at the root cause of this.
The most effective workaround for the time being to prevent unwanted reboots is to stop the edge cache process. However, there is also another workaround that Exinda TAC can apply. In order to investigate this workaround and determine if application is correct, please contact Exinda TAC for assistance.
Engineering team is working on this issue.