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Exinda Web UI Slow if no External Internet Access

Article Number: 000001690
Published: October 4, 2016
Categories: 7.4.x 7.0.x
If the Exinda appliance does not have the ability to reach out to the internet, it is possible that there will be some slow behaviour in the web UI
The Exinda appliance can run and operate seamlessly without any access to the internet. Some features, such as contacting the Exinda licensing server to check for license updates and firmware updates, as well as anonymous proxy updates, will not work, but the core functionality of the device will operate.

In some scenarios, it can be seen that while using a device without external internet access, or restricted access through a firewall or other filtering tool, accessing the web UI exhibits slow loading behaviour.
In version 7 firmware, the web UI utilizes a font from Google Fonts open environment. This font is hosted on Without external internet access that is capable of getting to the site, it is possible that the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) design, which requires the font for text rendering, will hold the rest of the web page from loading. When the request times out, the rest of the request will be quick, as the rest is local. 
It is possible to use the hosts file on a machine that is accessing the web UI in order to block access to This will provide a shorter time to timeout, and result in a faster web UI loading time. 

Changing Host File on Linux
1. Edit the /etc/hosts file in a standard text editor (nano, vi, vim)
2. Add the following line (without quotes): ""

Changing Host File on Windows
1. Open the file c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts in Notepad
2. Add the following line (without quotes): ""

Changing Host File on Mac
1. Navigate to /private/etc/hosts and open the file in TextEdit
2. Add the following line (without quotes): ""

Please Note: The computer that the hosts file is edited on will have all traffic blocked to This can potentially affect general web browsing, if this machine ever gets connected to the internet through any means. Many sites are free to use fonts from Google's distribution and fonts hosted there will not load for every page if this workaround is enabled.
This is resolved in Exinda firmware 7.4.4. Please upgrade to this firmware to implement the permanent resolution.