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FTP data transportation traffic cannot be accelerated with cluster enabled in 7.4.1

Article Number: 000001667
Published: October 7, 2016
Categories: 7.4.x
When using clustering in v7.4.1 and above, it is possible to see the data channel of FTP traffic will not accelerate
Starrting in v7.4.1, FTP traffic cannot be accelerated in a clustered system. When FTP traffic is put through a policy that involves acceleration, only the FTP control traffic will be accelerated. The data channel of FTP will end up not being accelerated.

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The Exinda engineers are looking into a root cause.
There are two possible workarounds for this situation:
  • Break the cluster configuration. Doing so will allow FTP to properly accelerate as expected. However, the benefits of the cluster configuration will not be had during this time
  • Disable the round robin acceleration load balancing feature on the Exindas in the cluster. To do so will involve modifying an internal file. For assistance in doing this, please contact Exinda TAC.
The Exinda engineers are still investigating a permanent resolution.