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License has been installed on the Exinda but is not Active or not Valid

Article Number: 000001071
Published: October 6, 2016
Categories: Software
When looking at the System > Setup, "Licenses" tab, there are two fields showing the validity of the licenses currently installed in the box. These fields are 'Active' and 'Valid'. There can be times that the licenses installed on an Exinda are not 'Active', not 'Valid', or neither, denoted by a red X in each of the respective fields next to the license info. 
If the appliance is not Valid:

The license expiry date has been set up with a date that happens to have expired. This does not happened with sold devices; if the device is sold, the license works in perpetuity and will never go invalid.  If a license has been set with a license expiry then there are two potential reasons:
  • The appliance is being tested
  • The appliance is sold but there are new features for the license (such as edge cache) being tested
  • The appliance is an RMA and the temporary license was set while awaiting return of faulty unit.

If the appliance is not Active:

License Expiry has not expired (or has not been set meaning it is permanent), but the host ID or the Serial Number of the appliance to which the license was installed does not comply with Exinda's records. This can mean either the wrong license was installed or a recently received device has an unexpected host ID. This can be, for example, if an expansion NIC is inserted, or if the hardware has changed in another way.
If a device is inactive or invalid, look at whether the license for the system is correct. If it is, and the license still shows as invalid, please contact Exinda TAC for assistance. 
There is an additional license mode called 'Monitor Only'. This will not allow the optimizer to be turned on. While this license may look 'Invalid' or 'Inactive' due to the Red X showing up on the license page, it is only under the Optimizer status, displaying that it can not be turned on. Futhermore, the license will clearly state that it is a Monitor Only license.