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'Monitor' User Can Stop and Restart Optimizer

Article Number: 000001492
Published: July 11, 2016
A user with the privilege level of monitor can stop and restart the optimizer on v7.0.3, v7.4.0 and v7.4.1 of the Exinda firmware
In the Exinda firmware, there are privilege levels of different users. A 'monitor' privilege level allows for a user to look at monitoring and reporting, but only have read only access to the rest of the device. They cannot change any configuration, including system behaviour and the optimizer configuration. However, it has been discovered that a 'monitor' level user can stop and restart the optimizer in ExOS version v7.0.3 (all versions), v7.4.0 and v7.4.1. While this is not necessarily performance impacting, if a monitor user accidentally turns off the optimizer, network performance could suffer slightly as everything going into the Exinda will no longer be optimized. 
The cause is currently being investigated by Exinda engineers.
ExOS version 7.4.3 has fixed this bug, so  that monitor users cannot stop and start the optimizer. Upgrading the firmware to v7.4.3 will solve this issue. 
If still experiencing this problem after upgrading the firmware, please contact Exinda TAC.