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SMB service stops functioning correctly

Article Number: 000001597
Published: February 23, 2017
In ExOS v 7.4.1, the SMB process can stop functioning correctly, letting SMB shares going through an accelerated policy to be inaccessable while this is occurring until the process is restarted
The SMB accelerationOn ExOS v7.4.1, it is possible to see the SMB Acceleration process (smbad) start misbehaving. When this happens, CIFS / SMB shares (of all types, regardless of operating system or platform) will not load and show blank screens. No error messages will occur. The Exinda will not log any specific information regarding to the SMB acceleration.
This cause is unknown at this time. Exinda Engineers are currently looking into the cause.
Restarting the SMB Process (Configuration > System > Optimization) makes everything start to work again.
ExOS 7.4.4u2 fixes this problem. Please see the release notes for more information.