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Scheduled Report Custom Date Ranges Not Correct

Article Number: 000001436
Published: October 4, 2016
Categories: 6.4.x 7.0.x 6.3.x
When creating Weekly (Custom) or Monthly (Custom) scheduled reports, the set end date will revert to the previous day.
When you create custom reports for any of the following:
Weekly (Custom), or Monthly (Custom)
The reports which are created will be missing data from the specified end date.

Furthermore, when you attempt to edit a previously created scheduled report with custom weekly or monthly ranges, you will see that the date has been pushed ahead of schedule to the previous date.
This happens because the appliance will stop using any collected data at exactly 0:00:00 of the custom end date which was specified during the custom report creation.
For example; if you edit a saved weekly report with custom ranges from Monday through Friday, you will notice the the date range was changed to Monday through Thursday when you are in the edit screen.
In order to have any data for the end date included in the report, you must currently specify the day after you are looking for.
For example; If you want a custom report for Monday through Friday, select a start day of Monday and end day of Saturday.
This is resolved inĀ Exinda firmware 7.4.4. Please upgrade to this firmware to implement the permanent resolution.