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Scheduling a 'Control Discards' Graph Has Incorrect Legend Values

Article Number: 000001619
Published: May 16, 2016
Categories: 7.4.x
On ExOS 7.4.x, creating a scheduled report involving the Control Discards (discards per policy per virtual circuit), that graph will have Legend labels that are identical, regardless of the policy names that they should be.
Scheduling reports in the Exinda is a way to get all relevant information emailed to administrators on a regular basis. All the graphs available on the web UI are available for scheduled reporting. One such graph is the 'Control Discards' graph, which shows packet discards that each policy in a virtual circuit have discarded.

When viewing a scheduled report PDF, or an ad-hoc PDF report created through the web UI on the Control > Discards graph, it is seen that the graph Legend - the label and colour mapping for each item in the graph - are incorrect and will show only the name of the last policy in the table, like the following:

Scheduled Discard Report
Notice that all three boxes (the blue, light green and teal) show 'Discard Steam', which correspond to Policy #3. They are supposed to be the names of all the policies in the list. If viewed on the web UI under Monitor > Control, the "Discard" tab, the values appear correct:
Discard Graph on Web UI
The root cause is currently unknown
The Web UI graphs are labelled and named as expected. While an ad-hoc PDF report generated from the page will show the same incorrect legend as the scheduled report, it is possible to use the web UI to either correlate the data against the scheduled report, or take a screenshot to distribute amonst administrators.
There is currently no information at this time
This bug is known to affect ExOS 7.4.x firmware. If running another version and seeing this bug, please contact Exinda TAC for evaluation