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Traffic bouncing between policies when Edge Cache is enabled

Article Number: 000001488
Published: July 12, 2016
Categories: 7.0.x
In ExOS version 7, enabling Edge Cache may make traffic appear to move back and forth between 2 policies. This will happen when traffic using TCP port 80 is being controlled by a policy other than the policy which Edge Cache is enabled on for Web or HTTP traffic.

This is more easily described with an example:

Windows Updates are downloaded over TCP port 80, and are by default controlled by the Software Updates policy. If Edge Cache is enabled on a policy which contains either the Web or HTTP application, then Windows Updates will appear to bounce back and forth between Software Updates and Web policies on the Real Time monitor. It may show up as Web, and when the page refreshes it could switch to Software Updates.

This is caused by a known software defect in ExOS version 7.
Turning off Edge Cache will prevent the traffic from moving between policies on Real Time monitor. Please be aware that this defect is considered harmless, and should not be impacting the traffic negatively.
This defect has been resolved in ExOS v7.4.3. Upgrading the firmware to this version will stop the traffic from moving between policies.