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Unable to Log on to Exinda Web UI After Firmware Upgrade from v6 to v7

Article Number: 000001518
Published: July 12, 2016
This article details the steps on resetting the https management port to the default 443
The Exinda gives the opportunity to use a custom port number for the web UI interface. If using a custom port number for management there is the possibility that the ability to log in through the webUI after a firmware upgrade from v6 to any v7 firmware prior to 7.4.3, will be lost.
The custom port number is simply being overwritten during the firmware upgrade
In order to fix this issue, log in through the CLI and reset the management port to the default 443 and the reset the https service

  • log in to Exinda CLI
    • en
    • conf t
    • web https port 443
    • no web https enable
    • web https enable
    • configuration write
  • wait a few minutes for the https service to restart and confirm that the webUI can be accessed again
  • Once the web UI is available, it is possible to change the port number back to the original value.
This bug has been fixed in ExOS v7.4.3 by default. Upgrading firmware between any version and v7.4.3 will not lose the custom port number.