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Appliance does not allow to run PDF reports

Article Number: 000001542
Published: July 19, 2016
When tried to generate report and sent it out via email, there's an error message: file/temp/exreport_(devicename and date&time).pdf does not exist or is not a regular file ...
When you try to email the report, the following message appears. 
Error: File /tmp/pdfreport.pdf does not exist or is not a regular file 

The report that is sent out has nothing in it (0 kb) and damaged. Adobe is unable to open it.
When generating report, the process nodepdf in the appliance is listening on port 1337 and the following lines are expecting:
-info: HTTP server listening on port 1337 at localhost.
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      2296/node
1. Are there any notifications regarding /var partition utilization is high?
2. If no, please login Web GUI by a local admin account and try to generate PDF report again.
3. If it is still not working, go to check the log and find some lines like these:
Mar  8 09:57:20 EXINDA mgmtd[2663]: [mgmtd.NOTICE]: Launching PDF generation script.
Mar  8 09:57:20 EXINDA wsmd[3033]: [wsmd.NOTICE]: User admin (System Administrator) logged into Web UI from localhost
Mar  8 09:57:21 EXINDA wsmd[3033]: [wsmd.NOTICE]: User admin (System Administrator) from localhost logged out of Web UI
4. Open an ssh session to your appliance and check if http redirect been enabled.
## Network management configuration
#   web http redirect
This issue has been fixed in 7.4.3. Upgrading the firmware to this firmware will solve the problem. 

This defect has been fixed in firmware version 7.4.3 which allows to run reports with HTTP redirect.